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July 22, 2014

Fed-Up with Allergies!

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I'm so fed-up with my allergies this summer. They really haven't been that bad, but just the constant sniffles are really starting to get on my nerves. I'm not sure if it's because we're living in a new area now and my body's still getting used to it or what, but this allergy-face look is just not a good look for me! You know what I mean. Don't pretend like you don't! Those itchy, red, watery eyes and that reddened nose from spending far too much time buried in a kleenex.

I've used plenty of other allergy medications in the past since I was first diagnosed with seasonal allergies in elementary school. Trust me, between then and now, I've tried them all. I thought I had exhausted my options until I happened upon Zyrtec®. This helps take away all those pesky allergy symptoms and makes me look and feel a little more human again.

But for those of us who still have that "allergy face®" look, Zyrtec® and celebrity make-up artist, Jamie Greenberg, have teamed up to help us with those allergy problem areas. These "beauty symptoms" can be cured by both Zyrtec® and these easy make-up techniques!

I love that she suggests to use shimmery cream eye shadows and shimmery blushes to help brighten up the face and bring down the red tones. Using waterproof mascara is also another great tip for those annoyingly watery eyes that us allergy sufferers deal with. You don't want those watery eyes ruining all your hard work now, do you?

5 Products to Clear-up Allergy Face®:
Inspired by this look.

1. Concealer: This is a must. Use under your eyes and around your reddened nose.
2. Blush: Make those red cheeks look more natural.
3. Eyeliner: Black or deep blue to draw away the redness from your face.
4. Mascara: I prefer a black mascara to accentuate my eyes.
5. Lipgloss: A light pink lipgloss to draw everything together + complete the look!


Clear up that reddened sniffly nose with some concealer and accentuate your pretty pink cheeks with a little cream blush. You'll be pulling off that allergy face® in no time!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of ZYRTEC®.

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July 20, 2014

Healthier Creamy Cucumber Salad with Lifeway Kefir

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There are few things that complete a summer barbecue better than a fresh, cold and creamy salad. Whether it be of the pasta variety or a coleslaw loaded with creamy cabbage and veggies, there's nothing better than that light, fresh taste after you devour a big juicy burger or steak hot off the grill. There's one salad, that I personally crave whenever summer rolls around. The tangy, cool cucumber taste of creamy cucumber salad is something I'll always want on a hot summer day. Delish! My mouth's watering just thinking about it. The only downside of all of these creamier salads, is the amount of calories it can tack onto your meal. I have a simple solution for you. The tart and creamy taste of Lifeway Kefir! This cuts down on the amount of sour cream you use and in turn lowers the amount of calories! (And the probiotics are certainly a bonus!)


1. 1 cup of Plain Lifeway Kefir
2. 2 large cucumbers
3. 1 cup sour cream
4. 1/2 cup white wine vinegar
5. 1/4 Red onion
6. Juice from 1/2 lemon
7. 3 sprigs of dill
8. Dash of pepper

Recipe Instructions:

1. Use peeler to remove skin from cucumbers and cut cucumber into thin slices. Slice red onion into thin slices.
2. Mix Plain Lifeway Kefir, sour cream, white vinegar, lemon juice, pepper, and dill in a large mixing bowl and then mix in the cucumbers and red onion slices.
3. Toss the cucumbers and red onions until liberally coated with mixture.
4. Refrigerate for 1-3 hours to let the flavors marinate.

Mmmm! So, so good. It's the perfect salad to bring to a last minute barbecue or the perfect side dish to add a little refreshing summer flavor to your lunch or dinner!

Side note: The smell of dill reminds me of my great grandma. The aroma of dill frequently filled her kitchen while she was canning anything and everything under the sun. But she most frequently canned the most amazing sweet and dill pickles ever. The smell of dill just seemed to linger even after the canning was done. It's become one of my most favorite smells because of it!

Now the only question is, what other creamy summer salads can we make healthier with plain Lifeway Kefir? I think I'll be trying this healthier swap with macaroni salad next!

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July 16, 2014

Stitch Fix: My Keeps

I'll say it before + I'll say it again. I can't say enough good things about Stitch Fix! I mean what's better than having your very own personal stylist to select clothes for you? Oh wait, having them delivered right to your front door! That's probably the most amazing part about the whole process, if you're a mom like me. Taking a kid into the dressing room with you so you can attempt to try on clothes? That's most certainly not ideal. Trying on clothes while your kiddo is perfectly content in the other room with their toys? Absolutely ideal!

This month was a pretty darn good fix. There were a couple pieces that were immediate "no ways" for me, but then the pieces that I kept were a "hell yes" for sure. I did a happy dance when I saw them in the box and the happy dance continued when I tried them on. When you see them, you'll know exactly what I mean!

Pomelo Priya Ikat Print Knit-Back Tank

This tank-top was an immediate "yes" right out of the box. I saw the tribal print pattern and the heather grey back and my heart was immediately in love. I tried it on and I was even happier. This tank is officially a staple in my summer wardrobe and now trumps all of the boring solid tanks I have lying around. Nothing like some aztec/tribal/ikat print to jazz up your summer wardrobe, right? LOVE!

41 Hawthorn Abrianna Longsleeve Knit Cardigan

A yellow cardigan? Need I say more? Nothing makes me happier than the bright and cheerful color yellow. This cardigan is going to be perfect for those colder summer nights sitting around a bonfire and will transition easily into my fall and winter wardrobe. Stitch Fix hit a total home run with these two pieces!


How does it work:

1. Head on over to and fill out a super cute, easy + fun style profile + pay a $20 styling fee.
2. The stylists at Stitch Fix will pick out 5 pieces they think suit your style profile and send them your way.
3. You receive a pretty little Stitch Fix box packed with these goodies and style cards to help you style your new pieces.
4. Style your new pieces and have fun playing dress-up to decide which pieces you'd like to keep.
5. Log on to your Stitch Fix profile + tell them what you liked + didn't like + check out to pay for your keeps.
(That $20 you paid? It goes towards what you keep!) It's as easy as that!

One concern I hear all too frequently from friends and readers interested in Stitch Fix is, "But what if I don't like any of the clothes and I send them all back?" Well, that's easy. You send them back and leave very detailed feedback for your stylist so they can better understand your style and fashion sense the second time around. Trust me here. The more detailed your feedback is, the more likely they are to knock it out of the park the next time around. Trust me!

Have you tried Stitch Fix yet? What did you love most about it or what's holding you back?

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