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The Secret to a Restful Sleep

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Sleep. Some of us like it, some of us hate it, and some of us just plain struggle with it. There's so many different struggles when it comes to sleep. Some of us just can't sleep because we have an infant waking us up every couple of hours or a toddler with night terrors and some of us suffer from insomnia. And some of us think we're getting reasonable sleep, but don't know how much we're actually tossing and turning trying to get comfortable while we're sleeping. No matter how you swing it and no matter what's preventing you from getting high quality sleep, sleep is immensely important to our health, our happiness and our general well-being.

If you're not getting the sleep you think you need, then you're definitely not alone!

Did You Know:

There are 5 stages of sleep: Stages I-IV and REM sleep.
A complete sleep cycle is approximately 90-110 minutes.
Adults need 7-8 hours of sleep each night.
The CDC reports that insufficient sleep is an epidemic.

My personal sleep struggle began after I had Alea. And yes, even beyond that wake-up-every-two-hours-with-an-infant time. I used to not be too picky when it came to my mattress. I could really sleep on anything and I'd wake up feeling refreshed. Ever since having Alea though, I find that I'm more picky about how my mattress supports my body while I sleep. That ultra-plush pillow-top mattress I got when I got my first place just wasn't cutting it anymore-- not to mention the fact that Cory absolutely despised sleeping on such a soft mattress. We'd both wake up feeling achy and cranky and we'd be constantly spewing out complaints about our non-supportive mattress.

We always talked about upgrading our mattress, but didn't really know what we could purchase that we would both agree on.
Enter: intelliBED Deep Healing Sleep. A mattress that's incredibly supportive without being too firm or too soft. The best of both worlds if you will. It's completely changed our sleep for the better!

Now I know what you're thinking, intelli-What? That's exactly what I said! I had never heard of intelliBED, let alone the Deep Healing Sleep mattress. And similarly, those I've talked to about my new mattress don't seem to know what the heck I'm talking about either-- so don't worry, you're not alone.

I'll enlighten you though.

The intelliBED Deep Healing Sleep is a revolutionary mattress. Simple as that. It relieves so much pressure from the body with it's non-toxic intelli-gel and can truly help you get better, deep healing sleep! This gel sleeps cool and actually seeks and relieves pressure points on your body to prevent you from tossing and turning frequently throughout the night.

intelliBED has set out out create a mattress for us healthy living folks. You know, those of us that want to add quality sleep to our healthy living trifecta of exercising and eating right. That's where the Deep Healing Sleep bed comes in. The Deep Healing Sleep mattress is an affordable option for us everyday folk who are looking for a non-toxic, pressure relieving mattress to help us get a better nights sleep.

I mean, we're already watching what we eat, we make sure we exercise, and we're living an all around pretty healthy lifestyle. Why not watch how we sleep as well? Why not put a little importance on the quality of sleep that we're getting at night?

I can't wait to share more about how this mattress is changing the way we sleep over the course of the next month or two. It's really, truly incredible. Stick around-- I can't wait to tell you more!

In the meantime, you can use the code: Sunnywith to receive 30% off your intelliBED Deep Healing Sleep mattress! You’re welcome ;) Use your code here.

Is your mattress getting in the way of a restful night's sleep?

How to Build an Epic Fort

This post is sponsored by PopSecret and the Linqia Community.

Life's too short to not build a fort with your kiddos every once in a while.

Live your life by that sentence alone and I promise you you'll have more fun. It's a guarantee! This weekend Alea came down with a yucky stomach bug and we didn't do much else besides snuggle and watch lots and lots of Netflix. I'm not at all against screen time, but after an entire weekend of it, I thought it was about time to use our imagination! This morning I decided to whip up my best fort and surprise Alea!

All we did was move our dining room table into our empty living room. Oh the perils of having only one set of living room furniture when we moved into our rental. Furniture will be ordered soon, but until then, we're enjoying having this extra open space. So much room to run and play and the lighting is just amazing. (Every blogger's dream, right?) And luckily for us-- so much room for fort-building!

Then, I put an empty Stitch Fix box on the center of the top of the table to make a little "peak" and make it look more like a tent. (I knew all those Stitch Fix Boxes would come in handy!) That's the only original complaint Alea had about the fort. "Mommy? It doesn't even look like a tent!" So, after some brief brainstorming I grabbed the box to make a little psuedo-peak for the tippy top of our tent.

Next, we put two of the chairs in the front of the table to make a tent-like opening with a second peak. I didn't want anymore complaints our fort didn't look like a tent, that's for sure!

Lastly, we strung twinkle lights all around the inside of the tent and tossed in some blankets, pillows and a bean bag chair for comfort. Later on, Alea added books and legos for fun!

To make our fort extra special, I popped some PopSecret popcorn for Lou and I. I wanted the popcorn to be a surprise, too, but popping popcorn is hard to keep a secret for long. She smelt the buttery goodness and heard the "pop-pop-pop" coming from the kitchen and caught on to my secret popcorn making. Darnit!

You see that fancy Lego creation? Alea made a "popcorn scoop" out of Legos! See what a little fort-making and imagination-using can do? She's been really into making inventions lately and I have to say, this is her best one yet! I better go run and get a patent on it!

But this fort-making morning was a fun surprise none-the-less. I think I'm going to stick to that first sentence in this post a little more now. I love these fun, priceless moments with my little Miss Alea Lou. I want to spend more meaningful time with her, watching her smile, listening to her giggle, taking in all of the sweet little things she says. These special little moments are moments I'll never get back.

Here's to building more forts and popping more popcorn, too!

P.S. Snag your $1 off PopSecret popcorn coupon before they're gone! And you can attempt to surprise your little one with popcorn + a fort, too. Good luck though ;) It's awfully hard to sneakily make popcorn! If you build a fort, post your photo to the PopSecret Facebook page with the hashtag #PopSecretForts to be entered to win some pretty cool prizes!

My Current Instagram Favorites

I don't mean to play favorites or anything, but these are some ladies that I've really loved following on Instagram as of late. They're completely inspirational, share the most beautiful of photos and I just plain love the little snippets of their life that they share.

1. @teamwhole // Remember when I talked about finding Whole30 inspiration on Instagram? Well here you are! Here you'll find all kinds of delicious, whole food inspiration. It's absolutely amazing the dishes Mandy comes up with. There's always drool-worthy whole foods coming through my feed and they make me feel like I could maybe, just maybe do this whole-eating thing.

2. @_findingbeautyintheordinary // Heather is one of my favorite mama's. She has two sweet little girls and I just love seeing what they're up to. She's also a fan of essential oils like myself, so I love seeing what oils she's using and what she's using them for!

3. @thebusybudgetingmama // This mama makes me want to be a better mom. She does the greatest little activities with her little ones, she's a rockstar at lip-syncing and she's also a business savvy-entrepreneur! She's got it all, ya'll! She inspires me every single day with her Instagram photos!

4. @danihampton // Mama to two boys, Dani makes me wish I had a little boy under this roof as well. They're so darn cute + their cute little boy clothes are always on point! I mean, when you're used to shopping for and seeing pink all the time, little boy clothes are always refreshing! She posts yummy, healthy food photos that always get my stomach rumbling and her iPhone photography is always gorgeous!

5. @teammandy // Mastermind behind @teamwhole, Mandy's a Whole30-er and her sweet little girl Harper always reminds me of my little Alea! I'm still trying to find it in my heart to forgive her Seahawks photos that were posted the day of the Seahawks vs GB game. Waaaaah!

6. @lvdmorethncrrts // AP has the cutest little kiddos and I love that she's also posting more "mom-style" lately! I'm always looking for another mama to help inspire my tired wardrobe! She's another mama who inspires me to be a better mama through the photos she posts-- and us mama's just need that sometimes, you know?


Instagram has been and probably always will be one of my favorite social media outlets. I love all of the beautiful photos, the community it creates and I love keeping up with friends and family via Instagram. I love following like-minded mamas who inspire me to be a better mom myself and who inspire me to be a better person as well. It's amazing that photos simply posted on social media can do that, isn't it?

Who are your favorites to follow on Instagram?

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