Orange Slushy Drink Recipe

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If there’s anything that Alea asks for on almost a daily basis (besides requesting a snack every 5.7 seconds of course) it’s if we can stop and get an icee or a slushy on our way home from work and daycare. It’s at almost the same location, too. Right as we’re coming to a stop at the stoplight to make a right hand turn, Alea’s little voice chimes in as I turn down the radio to hear her a little better. “Mommy, can we please get an icee on our way home?” We’ve had to reserve these special treats for Friday’s, but now I can say yes a little more often since I learned how to whip one of these delicious Orange Slushies up!

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1. 2 cups of SunnyD juice
2. 2 cups of lemonade
3. 3 cups of ice

Blend thoroughly until ice is crushed and serve chilled with an orange slice for a garnish if you have one on hand. Bonus if you have any fun straws laying around! Even better if it’s a swirly straw!

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This is the perfect drink for a warm summer evening and makes the perfect after dinner treat. Just ask Alea! Girlfriend was slurping down her slushy in no time and boy was she surprised that we could actually make icees ourselves at home.

It’s so darn easy, too. I almost feel silly that I never thought of doing this before! We’re officially stocked up on SunnyD from a recent trip to Sams Club so we can continue making these yummy slushies throughout the summer months!

What’s your favorite flavor of icee or slushy?

Make Your Own Felt Play Pizza

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Pizza is kind of a big deal in this house. There was a while when Alea went through a phase where she absolutely despised pizza, but now that she’s come to her senses again (thank goodness), we’re back to our pizza eating ways again. And by pizza eating ways, I mean we have pizza almost every Friday night. Thank goodness!

The only problem we run into now, is not having the proper entertainment to keep Alea busy while that delicious cheese pizza is baking away in the oven. Patience may be a virtue, but it’s certainly not a virtue that kids, or at least my little Alea, has. So, to keep her busy this time around, I thought it would be fun to put together a little felt play pizza. The craft took about the amount of time it took us to make our pizza (yes, it’s that easy!) and I love that we’ll also be able to pull it out on all of our pizza nights!

It’s kind of like making a homemade pizza without the mess ;) And TONY’S® Pizza is just so much more delicious and 10 times easier!

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Felt Play Pizza:

1. Cardboard pizza box
2. Red, brown, green, and yellow felt (1 sheet of each)
3. Scissors
4. Pencil
5. Permanent marker
6. Velcro circles
7. Hot glue gun (optional)

1. Trace a circle with a pencil on the inside portion of the pizza box. I traced a paper plate and it was the perfect size.

2. Next, trace the same sized circle on the brown felt and then apply velcro pieces to the cardboard and the felt as well.

3. Using a smaller circle (I used a bowl), trace a circle around the red felt to make the pizza sauce and apply velcro to secure as well.

4. Cut out pepperonis from the red felt as well.

5. Cut yellow felt into strips for the cheese.

6. Cut green peppers from the green felt.

7. Let your little one top the pizza to their hearts desire!

make-your-own-play-pizza 2make-your-own-play-pizza 3make-your-own-play-pizza 4make-your-own-play-pizza 5make-your-own-play-pizza 8make-your-own-play-pizza 9make-your-own-play-pizza 92make-your-own-play-pizza 91make-your-own-play-pizza 93

I mean, you just can’t deny the cuteness, can you? Slip the “toppings” in a zip lock baggie or grab a baggie big enough to hold the pizza as well and store it next to your pizza cutter so it’s always ready to go!

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The Tony’s cheese pizza received Alea’s two-thumbs-up seal of approval and that’s not an easy achievement. Trust me! She loves cheese pizza, but is definitely picky about what brands of cheese pizza she prefers. I’m sure you can imagine my relief as she took her first bite and immediately said “Mmmm!” and continued to chow down. Phew!

If you’re planning a pizza night, a family gathering or a get together of any kind, grab some Tony’s pizzas from Walmart (that’s where we got our pizzas) with this coupon for 75 cents off any two pizzas. This digital coupon is available until 6/30/15 while supplies last. Their pizzas are now made with 30% more pizza so they can feed (and please) even your biggest crowds!

What toppings will you make for your felt pizza?
What toppings do you love on your real pizza?

Dear Alea,

b&w alea and mom kissy face

Being your mama is nothing at all like I expected. To be honest, I wasn’t sure exactly what I should expect from motherhood. It was a concept that was so foreign, so abstract, something I felt so undeserving of. And then you came into my life– whether I was ready or not– and completely changed every part of me. I never knew what love was until I laid my eyes on your sweet chubby cheeks and those sweet little sleepy smiles.

I’ll never grow tired of hearing your sweet little infectious giggle and the way you say “mama” just because you know how much I love it. I hope you never lose your silliness and you never take yourself too seriously. Life’s too short for that baby girl.

I want you to know that every night I sneak in and give you kisses on those still-chubby little cheeks and I’ll continue to do so as long as you’ll let me. I also pray for you every night before I go to sleep. I pray for your health and for your happiness and that you grow up to be brave and smart and strong.

Never stop giggling, never stop calling me mama and never forget how much I love you and always will love you. You made me a mama, sweetie, and for that I can never thank you enough.