It’s My Birthday + I want YOU to Win!

Hello + Happy Friday :) I’m so excited you guys! Today I turn 24 years old! It’s been a week full of painfully grown-up tasks like getting my rear window on my car fixed, learning how to jump start my car, researching day cares and all kinds of dull tasks. Needless to say, I’m extremely excited to end the week on such a positive and exciting note! I wasn’t originally planning to do a giveaway for my birthday on the blog this year, but I decided last minute last night to throw one together!

It’s just more fun if I get to celebrate my birthday with some really lovely ladies and one of you gets to win a pretty sweet prize! Wouldn’t you agree? Without further ado, get to entering! And good luck!

Please play fair + honest.
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Gift card will be sent via e-mail. If you have a Target wherever you are, you may feel free to enter to your hearts content. If not, don’t. It’s as simple as that!

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    My favorite birthday present would have to have been my 8th birthday when my parents surprised me with a puppy! I had been begging for a dog for a long time at that point and it was the best gift ever :)

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    Best birthday present I’ve ever received is a tough one. It could be my cousin Kara when I was 13 – she’s awesome! Last year’s was pretty tight too: my brother had his soldiers sing me happy birthday just prior to their deployment ceremony. 20 min later they were on the plane for Afghanistan.

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    The best birthday present I ever received was…in 2010, on my birthday, we bought our Yellow Lab, Zia. She was 8 weeks old and the “trouble puppy,” and we were crazy enough to bring her to our home! ;) HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Yay for March babies! (I’m one, too!)

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    Happy Birthday! Pisces are great! I’m married to one. My favorite birthday present was a trip to Vermont.

    Mary Happymommy

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    Happy birthday!!!

    I’d have to say Quinn is my favorite birthday present. She was born three weeks after my birthday, but we went and visited the hospital and got everything set up on my birthday.

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    Happy Birthday Chelsea!! We sure are growing up! Some days I still feel 18 while others I feel 30! I hope you have a wonderful birthday and glad to hear the end of your week is better than the beginning!

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    My now husband brought me 18 roses for my 18th birthday. We were doing the long distance thing when I was at college and he totally surprised me!

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    My best birthday present was when I won a Caribbean cruise. I didn’t get to choose the date, but it just happened that the first day of the trip fell on my 25th B-day. It was so exciting!

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    Hmmm. That’s tough. I haven’t had any truly great presents. But I had my 18 th birthday party at Chuck E Cheese and that was pretty fabulous

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