A Walk Around Westby, WI

I’m pretty positive that Westby, Wisconsin is one of the cutest small towns that Wisconsin has to offer. It’s chalk-full of Norwegian charm and the most kind hearted people you’ll ever meet. I joke with Cory that in this town, there’s no such thing as a “quick run to the local grocery store” because even if someone doesn’t know you, they’ll pull you aside and strike up a conversation with you. I kid you not, I talked to one older man in the parking lot for a good 15 minutes about my car because he was thinking of getting his wife the same one.

This might not sound like anything out of the ordinary to some, but to a person like me who grew up in the Twin Cities. People just don’t do that there. If anything, you get yelled at in the parking lot or people barely look up at you as you walk by. Don’t get me wrong, not everyone is like that in the cities, but everyone just seems so much more friendly in these smaller towns.

Alea and I had so much fun walking around town the other day. We took a drive and Cory showed us around the town a couple weeks prior and I remember thinking “gosh, I really wish I had my camera with me.” And I immediately promised myself that I would either drive around this town again with Alea or we’d go for a picture-taking walk around the town sometime. It’s actually a pretty big deal that I followed through with that promise to myself though, because I made myself the same promise about where we used to live. I just never followed through for one reason or another.

It’s kind of silly really. So, my advice to you? Take some time to walk around a nearby town or even your own town. Bring your camera and start snapping away. Really take the time to appreciate the beauty around you. It’s almost therapeutic. It just makes for the perfect, relaxing afternoon (while also getting some extra exercise, too, if you choose to walk!)

The way I see it is, you’ll never regret the time you took to slow down and take in everything around you.

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    What a cute little town. I love Scandinavian towns, maybe it’s because of my background. That little cut out sign with Ole and Lena cracks me up… I have relatives with those names! They live in Denmark and we’re even friends on facebook. Now I really need to come visit you. ;) Such a fun place. I LOVE walking around the little towns here and snapping photos!

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    I highly recommend taking a little road trip to Stockholm, WI sometime this summer. It’s about an hour and a half north of La Crosse and right along the Mississippi River. It’s a traditional Swedish town (population: less than 100!) with lots of cute little shops to explore.

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    I love my small town, it’s getting bigger now, but I love old downtown Elk River. It’s probably my favorite part of our town, other than my parents and grandparents land!

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