If you want your mind to be blown, than I suggest you take personality test. Sure you could go pay money to go see a psychic and learn something you already know about yourself OR you could take a very short quiz and gain insight into yourself that you may have never known or realized. Isn’t it funny when you learn something new about yourself? You’re with yourself day in and day out, yet sometimes with the hustle and bustle of life, we forget to look inward and learn about ourselves. While reading my results I was physically nodding my head and jotting everything down. Yes, in true ESFJ fashion, I was taking notes on my own personality. Oh the irony!

Here’s what I learned:

I make decisions based on feelings: I’ve always been a sensitive person. I wear my emotions right on my sleeve and chances are, if I’m sad/happy/mad/hurt you’re going to know it. Not only am I horrible at hiding my emotions, I’m also so quick to make decisions on those feelings. It depends on how you look at it though, it could be bad or it could be good.

I’m not shy, but seek solitude: I agree and disagree with this. I love being alone. I love my “me time” and sometimes I get nervous in large crowds of people. However, if I’m alone too much, I get lonely really fast. I long for the comfort of being around others.

I have a strong desire to like and be liked: This is so me and a part of me that I’m really not proud of. I want people to like me and I’m happy when I feel liked. And when someone doesn’t like me it really, really hurts.

I demand structure, organization + control: Well this is just a given. There’s not a day that goes by that I’m not frantically scribbling (in a color-coded, organized fashion) in my planner. And if I don’t make a to do list for myself each day, I feel completely lost and tasks just don’t get completed.

I’m conscious of gender roles and sometimes don’t question them: Men take out the trash and mow the lawn and women do the laundry and the dishes.

I’m dependable + responsible: Yes. Yes. Yes!

I seek + need closure: Always. I’m one of those people who can’t go to bed mad. So much so, that I will say sorry long before I should in order to find closure in a sticky situation. Because of this I probably say sorry far more often than I should.


Have you ever taken a personality test before?

Thank you to Jenni for inspiring this post!

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    I am obsessed with the Myers-Briggs test – I’m an ENFJ, so we’re pretty similar! I definitely make decisions based on emotions and demand organization. If order and organization doesn’t already exist, I stop what I’m doing until it does. Thanks for sharing this!

    Lindsey //

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