My New Favorite Bag

Over the years, I’ve become a bit of a bag-hoarder. I just love purses, what can I say? I’ve been through several in just the past 5 years that Cory and I have been together and I think he’s totally and completely confused as to why I have to hang onto them for so long, why I’m obsessed with buying more and why I’m switching bags/purses on an almost daily basis.

All I can say is, some girls are all about shoes, some girls love make-up, but I love bags!

And not just any kind of bag or purse. I like big, roomy bags with lots and lots of pockets. I love when everything in my purse has it’s place and there’s enough room to carry everything I need. It’s especially important when you’re the mother of a small(er) child. If we go somewhere, I almost always bring a package of wipes, the iPad, a sippy cup, snacks, you know the drill. Those little humans come with a lot of extra necessary equipment! Finding a bag with enough room to tote around all of Alea’s stuff on top of my own, has been quite the challenge. That is… until I came across this gorgeous Jordana Paige bag!

I’m absolutely in love with this Jordana Paige Quinn bag! Can you see why? Look at all of those pockets. It even has a divider in the middle that’s perfect for not only keeping things organized, but I can even use it to separate my things from Alea’s things. That way she knows where her stuff is if I send her into my purse to grab it! I can’t get over how much I love the functionality and style of this bag!

Those little slots are perfect for gift cards that you want to use, but don’t want to forget about. I don’t know about you, but I’m notorious for completely forgetting about a gift card and then finding it in the bottom of my purse a year later. This keeps them upfront and you’ll have a visual reminder of them every time you go into your purse!

I can’t sing her praises enough, Jordana Paige knows exactly what she’s doing with these beautiful bags!

And today Jordana and I are offering this exact bag in your choice of color to one of you lucky ladies! Just follow the instructions on the Rafflecopter widget below + I will announce the winner in this post and notify them by e-mail on Mother’s Day!

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What are your must-haves for your carry-all bag?

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  1. says

    Chels! Ohhhhhh, I would love this divine bag in any of the colors….maybe even the brave, bold, COBALT BLUE!!!! So fun! Crossing my fingers and hoping!!!!!

    xox beth

  2. says

    Okay… I seriously must own this bag… I love that it shares a name with my little!!! I honestly don’t know which color I’d pick… I feel like Praline is super practical, but the cobalt and deep purple are pretty and fun…!!!

  3. says

    What a great bag! My biggest must-have are baby wipes, not only for diaper changes, but for cleaning sticky hands and faces. I pinning this bag now!

  4. says

    I think the cobalt blue one is gorgeous. Love the practicality of this bag — I seem to always be carrying a book or my iPad, etc.

  5. says

    The green is beautiful!! AND I found it also listed as a knitting bag!! How wonderful. I would just HAVE to carry a project with me :)

  6. says

    I am a knitter and never thought of a Jordana Paige bag as bag for mom with kid in tow. Dumb because I spent years in that state so much classier than my day. I would love one in black

  7. says

    Pockets is the key. And I love the zipper on top so that I don’t lose anything when i toss it onto the couch. You can never have enough purple bags.

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