Planting Jelly Beans

Sometimes when I sit down to blog, I think to myself, “What would I want to remember one/two/ten years from now?” How can I formulate that into a cohesive blog post? How can I document our memories together as a family of three? Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love a good recipe post and I love sharing DIYs and outfits, but I want the bones of this blog to be built on memories. That’s where it all started, after all. Sunny with a Chance of Sprinkles started with me sharing just tid-bits from my day. It’s evolved into so much more than that over time. I think it’s evolved into even more than I ever thought it would be. It’s become a way for me to make a little extra money for my family (I know it’s not “polite” to talk about money, but we all know there’s money to be made in blogging) and I’m truly thankful for that every single day.

But every now and then I want to share the things that sometimes don’t get shared or scheduled in as timely of a fashion as other posts. Like for example, planting jelly beans with little Alea. Now that was an amazing day. These are the things that I want to look back on. This is the post I want to stumble on one/two/ten years down the road and smile at because we’re still planting jelly beans together for Easter. And maybe even then, we’re planting them with little brothers or sisters.

This year, I was so bummed that I had to work on Easter. I know that a big part of working in the medical profession is having to work holidays. Trust me, I went into nursing knowing that full well, but it doesn’t make it suck any less. I was so sad to miss Alea finding her Easter basket from the Easter bunny and hunting for the Easter eggs around the house. I knew well in advance that I was all those feelings were going to come up, so I wanted to do something special and memorable with her the night before. My aunt had messaged me on Facebook that her friend “planted” Easter eggs with their little one and I immediately knew we had to give it a try.

So, the night before Easter Alea and I set out to plant jelly beans and water them so they’d magically grow into lollipops on Easter morning! She didn’t really understand the concept of what would actually happen to these jelly beans and why I was making her put them in the dirt instead of in her mouth, but she was pretty excited to know that there would be a pretty exciting surprise waiting in their place in the morning!

I wish I had photos to share of her finding the lollipops that grew from the jelly beans over night, but alas, I was at work. Cory was going to take photos for me, of course, but it was raining and he knew I’d kick him if he got my camera wet! *winks*

She had so much fun, though, and so did I. I can’t wait to continue this fun little tradition with her next year!

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    Oh my gosh this is the cutest thing ever! I just love it! I love hearing about wonderful little traditions like this, thank you for sharing!!! xx

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